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Cost Savings - Customers still buying their natural gas from Local Gas Companies can expect to save up to 12%+ on their annual natural gas costs, depending on their actual usage. Fixed Price -Energy Choices Inc. for Business Solutions offers our customers the ability to lock in a fixed price for their natural gas for an extended time period. This enables our customers to hedge their natural gas costs as well as budget and forecast their expenses.

Customer Service - Energy Choices Inc. for Business Solutions success has been built on providing unsurpassed Customer Support Services for every client. At Energy Choices Inc. for Business Solutions we provide our customers with the highest quality natural gas supply and management services available. Energy Choices Inc. for Business Solutions strong emphasis on maintaining superior customer service and customer relations are key elements to our success. Seamless Transition - You will experience no downtime and there are no start up, connection, or transfer fees.


About Us

Energy Choices Inc. for Business Solutions Corporation is a national energy management and procurement firm helping companies implement strategies to control and reduce energy costs.

Electricity deregulation has created new opportunities to achieve energy savings as well as creating new challenges for managing and controlling energy costs.

Whether you have one facility, or hundreds of facilities nationwide, Energy Choices Inc. Business Solutions Corporation goal is to provide clients with premium energy management services to lower electricity and natural gas cost, reduce energy consumption, provide a long term energy management strategy, and implement risk mitigation strategies for the future.

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Overview of Our Main Business Courses

The natural gas market in California has been deregulated since 1991 but unfortunately most business owners are unaware that they have any other options regarding their natural gas purchases.

Deregulation allows you the ability to select who you wish to purchase your natural gas from. Natural Gas Vendors that cover many states are able to pool our customer's usage together and get a much better rate for our natural gas purchases.

Since we are able to buy our gas at prices less than the Local Utility Companies, we then pass those savings on to our customers and provide them with a cost savings over what Local Utility Companies would charge them. In many case's we can save you up to 12%+ off your annual natural gas bill depending on your usage.

It only takes a simple online application to transfer your account to the lower rate plans we are simple a vendor for your local utility company and the deregulation laws force the local utility company to pass the saving onto the customer. We are a Natural Gas Vendors that cover many states for best rate and there are no start-up, connection, or transfer fees of any kind. Additionally, you will incur no downtime and there are no additional risks involved with having Use as your natural gas supplier. If you have an emergency or a pipeline problem you will still deal directly with local utility companies and you will not be charged extra because you buy your natural gas from nation wide providers.

In addition to the superior customer service, Energy Choices Inc. for Business Solutions will also offer you the ability to lock in a fixed price for any amount of your usage for as little as one month or as long as 3 years. This allows you to be able to budget and forecast your natural gas expenses as well as hedge against future price increases.


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